view of Earth and satellite
view of Earth and satellite
yellow and green electric wires
yellow and green electric wires
black and gray electric post
black and gray electric post

We are pioneers in telecommunications networks and infrastructure, spearheading the funding and development of e-Government infrastructure in all its facets to cater to diverse demographics. Our initiatives connect people from all walks of life with countries worldwide, prioritizing accuracy, safety, and high-speed, high-quality communication.

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The inception of EIG dates back to 1996 with our initial focus on the healthcare sector. We commenced by supplying Iraqi hospitals with cutting-edge medical and service equipment, including specialized medical centers. Collaborating with a diverse range of international companies, we undertook turn-key projects for constructing hospitals and specialized medical centers, adhering to the highest global standards of quality. Our responsibilities encompassed overseeing the installation of medical and hospital equipment, providing comprehensive engineering services, and offering after-sales support, including technical assistance and periodic maintenance. Furthermore, we sponsored training programs for medical and engineering personnel on the operation and maintenance of all hospital devices and equipment.

EIG collaborates closely with industry-leading companies to provide professional diagnostic equipment for cars and trucks. Our offerings include state-of-the-art measuring equipment and technical engineering education tailored for the automotive sector. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive range of service and diagnostic tools designed for electric, diesel and gasoline vehicles.



At the core of our expertise, we offer a wide array of electronic systems and robots tailored to assist our customers across various sectors of life. Our designs are driven by the desires and needs of our customers, encompassing devices, machinery, electronic systems, and robotics. We consistently strive to fulfil our customers' requirements to the fullest extent, ensuring 100% satisfaction with the highest quality and adherence to international standards.


EIG offers our customers a diverse selection of industrial machines, including integrated production lines and various industrial plants spanning different sectors of industry. Our commitment lies in consistently meeting and exceeding customer requirements, always aiming for the highest quality and adherence to international standards. We provide comprehensive engineering services and installation for all our machines, ensuring seamless integration into our customers' operations. Moreover, our after-sales services guarantee continued support and maintenance, further enhancing the reliability and longevity of our products.



Our software and hardware solutions are meticulously crafted to align with user requirements, prioritizing cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Upholding our standards, we ensure that all services are delivered with the utmost quality, irrespective of project scale. Our experienced EIG engineers handle installation, providing ongoing technical support and maintenance throughout and after the installation process.


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